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Boat, Bike & Gear Rentals

Fundy National Park

From Mountain to Road.

The Fundy Coast has it all.

At Outdoor Elements we offer a wide range of cycling products and services. But, we don't just work in the space, we also get out and play! 


 Always find time to go play in your backyard!

From Sun to Snow.

The Fundy Coast has it all.

At Outdoor Elements we run, we hike, and we camp. To help keep the community comfortable we provide high quality, staff tested, gear.


From Backyard to Backcountry.

The Fundy Coast has it all.

Our staff has spent countless of hours testing the gear we sell. From our local ski hills to our rugged backyards the gear has been put to the test. We are confident in our abilities to outfit you in the gear that will keep you comfortable.  

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I would consider myself an avid online shopper, but when it comes to ski gear it's important for me to make sure my gear fits properly.  At Outdoor Elements I tried on three or four quality helmets before finding one the fit perfectly. The clerk helped me assess the proper fit which was also reassuring. While in the store I checked out the price at an online competitor and I was happy to discover Outdoor Elements was $50 cheaper.  So personalized service, competitive pricing, quality products...

I'll be back. And I feel better knowing I'm supporting our local entrepreneurs.


- David Forbes



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Alma, N.B.


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Bennett Lake - Fundy National Park

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